About Us

In 1976, a frustrated banker decided to risk it all and open a camera store.  It was 500 square feet of garish blue and red.  The first day sales were $87.56. Fortunately for the ex-banker sales improved and his gamble lives on today as Photo Expert located in Delta, British Columbia.

The banker is retired now but his gullible son and daughter in-law took over the business and have been running it since 1995. These two troopers along with some excellent staff have grown the business which is now a Canon and Nikon professional products dealer.

Services have always been a big deal at Photo Expert.  The first photo lab was installed in 1984.  It broke three times a day but managed to pay for itself eventually.  The printing tradition continues and Photo Expert has a newer, more reliable lab as well as a small fleet of large format printers.  If you need a wallet print or a wall print - Photo Expert is the place to go.

Photo Expert owns a scanner or two as well.  Or maybe ten.  And some them won’t fit on your desk.  If you have prints, slides or negatives than you need digitized, a little Photo Expert magic is the perfect solution.  Photo Expert specializes in volume scanning at super amazing prices.

In summary, the folks at Photo Expert are honest, friendly and mostly short.  They will give you excellent service, good advice and great prices.  And that explains why they are still in business after more than four decades.

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