Frequently asked Questions


Q: What can I do with my scans?

A: Have fun! Share them with family. Make a history book, a DVD slide show, prints, Photo mugs, t-shirts calendars and more. It’s a great way to teach children about their links with the past.

Photo Scanning:

Q: Are the photo scans as good as flat bed scans?

A: Honestly? No. A high end flat bed scan will provide more detail and accuracy. Having said that, the photo scans are quite good and the colour correction applied will often produce images better than your originals. We can flat bed scan photographs if you want but at a much higher cost. The rapid scans will be just fine for most purposes including printing.

Q: Do you send the photos out of country?

A: No. All work is done at either our Delta facilities.

Q: Will my photos be damaged?

A: No. The scanners we use are quite gentle. Your photos will not be harmed.

Q: Why does it cost more for rotation and/or scanning in order?

A: Rotation and keeping prints in order simply takes us longer to do the job. We give the option of doing it yourself as it offers the lowest possible cost.

Q: What is an Indestructo box?

A: It is simply a very strong box rated to 200 pounds of wall strength. We still recommend you put a few good wraps of packing tape around it for shipping.

Slide Scanning:

Q: How good are your scans?

A: Great! These are top quality scans made on a $60,000.00 Noritsu scanner. They are good enough to produce lovely 12x18 prints.

Q: Can you make a good scan from my badly underexposed picture of grandpa taken in 1967?

A: Probably not. The quality of the original has a lot to do with how good our scan will be. We do our best to colour correct and density correct your images though. Good slide... good scan.

Q: Can you scan medium format slides?

A: Yes with a caveat. If the film is unmounted, we can scan it. We can scan 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7 and 6x9cm formats. These would quality as custom scans. Call us or email us for pricing.

Negative Scanning:

Q: How good are your negative scans?

A: Top notch! We use a high end Noritsu scanner that incorporates Digital ICE into the scan. Any scratches and dust magically disappears. All scans are colour corrected and density corrected.

Q: Can you correct over or underexposed negatives?

A: Often... yes. Negatives are more forgiving than slides and we can often get pleasing results from less than perfect negative

Q: Can I make enlargements from your scans?

A: Yes. Nice quality 12x18 prints can be made.

Q: Do you scan 110, 126 or disc negatives?

A: We can but these scans qualify as custom scans.

Q: Do you scan medium format negatives?

A: Yes we do. 6X4.5, 6x6, 6x7 and 6x9 formats. These are custom scans but our pricing is very reasonable.

Q: Can you scan black and white negatives?

A: Yes but we cannot use Digital Ice. The scans are quite good but you may get an occasional piece of dust and any scratches will show.

Q: Why is there a surcharge on single (cut) negatives?

A: Because they are difficult to deal with. We have to attach manually to a longer strip to make our scanner happy. More labour equals more cost.