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Create, Visualize & Customize

You might be asking “What is Wallart?” Simply put, wallart is art for your walls, and we do wallart... lots of wallart.  From single prints to covering entire walls, we’re the experts.  You provide the images and we create stunning works of art.  Your walls will love it!  Don’t have an image of your own?  That’s ok. Browse through our online gallery of millions of stock images and artwork and make your walls come to life.


Facelift for your walls

Have you thought about re-painting your walls?  Tired of the old colour?  How about creating your own wallcovering? Digital wallcoverings are ideal anywhere from office lobbies and reception, corridors, the hospitality industry, retail, and right at home too.  There are no limits except your imagination - the possibilities are endless!

Coverings are easy to remove! Perfect for parties or short term events

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Canvas Prints

Make museum-quality canvas prints

Canvas printing is our most popular form of large format printing and for good reason! Our premium satin canvas and ink combination produces vivid colours and highly detailed prints. Fine art and photographic reproductions are accurate, consistent, & durable with an easy to clean finish. What’s more canvas prints don’t have to be framed. The prints are stretched over a 1.25” deep wood frame and come ready to hang. Odd sizes are a snap too. Turn your prints into works of art at Photo Expert.

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Poster Prints

How large do you want to print?

At Photo Expert, we make a lot big prints. Really big prints. Our skilled print technicians can provide you with images as large as 4 by 10 feet, and larger. Choose from satin, glossy, artist’s rag, canvas, adhesive backed paper or fabric, and more.

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Plaque Mounting

Long-lasting mounting solution

Who needs frames? Your images are printed on our premium satin paper and mounted on medium density fibreboard (MDF) with a beveled black edge. MDF is sturdy and durable, and is available in different thicknesses. 

Plaques are available in almost any size and come ready to hang.


Wall Decals

Decals & Stickers

Whether you are looking to change things up in your living room, fill your kid’s room with their favorite cartoon characters, or to promote a new idea, we can print decals that suit every space, style, season, and budget. Great for birthday parties, use our wall decals for party decorations.  Similar to our wallcoverings, they’re easy to install. Leave no residue. The possibilities are endless.

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