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Definition: "We", "Brash Developments Ltd", "Photo Expert" and "Camera Super Heroes" can and will be used interchangeably to describe the legal entity Brash Developments Ltd. Brash Developments Ltd. is a giant corporation employing darn near twenty people. These Camera Super Heroes have been in business since 1976.


Listings on our website are invitations. That is... you are invited to make an offer to purchase goods and services. The listings are not offers to sell. So if you see a $12,000.00 Canilux II mis-priced at only $9.99 - we are not obligated to sell at that price. This policy protects us from pricing changes made at 3:00 in the morning after a 17 hour shift. Your order will be accepted only if and when we, the folks at Photo Expert, send a shipping notice email to your email address. At that point, we have gratefully accepted your order and a legally binding contract for the sale has been created.


Note - we will only bill you for the products you buy and the shipping as stated. No mysterious handling fees. If you get trigger happy and place an order that you want to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible. No promises but we may be able to cancel the order. If it has shipped already we may require you to follow our return procedures. If you want to cancel an order, phone 604-591-8833 or email We'll do our best to accommodate you.

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All our transactions are in Canadian dollars.

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